早上好,美国自闭症系列:问与答- Magnolia演讲学校的创始人回答PT老虎机自闭症的问题

早安美国节目, 2003年1月20日年——2001年秋天, 梅林达·科特勒见到了迈克尔·丁达, at a meeting for parents of children with autism, and they had a conversation that would change their lives.

他们一起创立了这个非营利组织 讨论公司.(教学自闭症, Apraxic and Severely Langu年龄 Disordered Children), and then opened the Magnolia Speech School Demonstration Program in Berwyn, Pa.,四个月前.

The concept behind the school is that the only truly 适当的 program for severely langu年龄-disordered children is one that immerses them in a full-time only instruction program that is langu年龄-based and therapeutic.

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问题: I am a public school teacher of preschool children and special needs children. I work with autistic students and would like to know how to get more information on the Magnolia School curriculum.

此外,我很好奇,学校的创始人是否熟悉北卡罗莱纳T.E.A.C.C.H. 系统? This 系统 seems to be quite well developed and successful. I would love to compare the two and exchange techniques so that we could explore the most advant年龄ous approaches for my students. 谢谢你!.

——丽贝卡,Weaverville, N.C.

答: 谈话(教学自闭症, Apraxic and Severely Langu年龄 Disordered Kids) Magnolia School Demonstration Program is affiliated with the Magnolia Speech School in Jackson, 小姐.PT老虎机使用的课程是由杰克逊的Magnolia在过去的46年里开发的.

It is a developmental curriculum which is very detailed and 系统atic, 涵盖11个领域:听力, 接受语言, 富有表现力的语言, 阅读, 联系方法, 数学, 科学, 社会研究, 精细运动, 粗大运动和互动技能. 杰克逊的Magnolia拥有版权. Both our programs are full day intensive speech and langu年龄 programs. Our focus is on developing fluency in oral and written langu年龄.

协会的方法, 由米尔德里德·麦金尼斯开发, 是一种基于多感官的语音教学法,教孩子们说和识别单个声音吗, 然后结合声音, 然后名词, simple sentences and corresponding questions and so on to complex langu年龄, always ensuring the children master and continue to practice mastered material to lessen frustration and anxiety. 它是注意力的整合, 记忆和回忆能让孩子们发展语言的自动性.

The underlying principles of teaching 系统atically, 循序渐进地确保孩子的成功已经被证明是许多孩子所需要的. 你可以访问PT老虎机的网站www,通过关联方法来了解专业发展.haiyangzhiyangji.com, 点击相关链接按钮, and click on the Dubard School for Langu年龄 Disorders Link. It is a method that requires a long period of mentorship and training to become proficient in and provide children with the full benefit.


问题: 我有个10岁的自闭症孩子. Is there a window of opportunity for learning this method for the children?

Would like more information on this school and how it works. 谢谢你! 


答: 与所有自闭症和严重沟通障碍儿童的干预措施一样, the younger you start the child in intensive therapy, 结果潜力越好.

参加一个联合方法计划, 孩子需要在课堂上做好准备, meaning they need to be able to sit and attend in a classroom setting. Children who have been through behavioral programs usually are accustomed to this. 它可能适合一个10岁的孩子, but each child needs to be evaluated to determine if this is the 适当的 educational choice for him or her.

There are two books available on the 联系方法. One is Teaching Langu年龄 Deficient Children by Etoile DuBard and Maureen Martin and the other is the original text by Mildred McGinnis called Aphasic Children: Identification and Education by the 联系方法. For more information in the 联系方法 go to our website www.haiyangzhiyangji.com.


问题: I was curious if you were accepting anymore students at your school? 如果是这样的话, 有奖学金吗, 因为PT老虎机是一个收入有限的家庭,没有任何资源可以从PT老虎机的国家提供资金帮助.

My son is 14 and even though I see that he has made progress at home and just with maturing he still has no verbal communication or many self help skills. With his 年龄, I feel time is running out to reach him. 这几年我一直在寻找一个能真正帮助他的地方,但毫无进展!!


答: PT老虎机计划在2003年秋季将目前的2个班级扩大到3个班级。. 谈话(教学自闭症, Apraxic and Langu年龄 Disordered Kids) larger mission is to establish a first class educational center serving the comprehensive needs of severely communication impaired children in our region.

这一目标的一个重要组成部分是发展一个可以教育的设施, mentor and develop experienced 语言病理学家s and special educators that are thoroughly proficient in the method. Achieving that mission is contingent upon our ability to secure funding from a variety of private and public sources.

PT老虎机你的孩子, 我建议你向当地的家庭律师寻求建议. 在这个国家, 每个孩子都有权享受自由, 适当的, public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. In Philadelphia, the Education Law Center provides information on parents' rights. I suggest you go online and search for the organization in your state that can provide guidance and assistance in this area.


问题: 什么是关联方法? Have you had any luck with the Pragmatic Approach by Linda Arwood? Please respond to me directly as I don't go to online chat rooms. 非常感谢. PT老虎机同舟共济. 


答: 见问题1的答案. I am not familiar with the Pragmatic Approach by Linda Arwood.


问题: I have worked with autistic children in the past. I am interested in working with autistic children and am looking at getting my masters in occupational therapy.

I am very interested in your school and the work you are doing. 你能给我更多PT老虎机白玉兰学校、你的计划等方面的信息吗. 我曾考虑过为自闭症儿童开办一个项目,但不确定如何去做. What are your requirements for working with a school like yours and what path would you recommend I take to pursue this type of work. Should I get a teaching credential or stay with occupational therapy? 我已经有文科B.A. 如能提供任何信息,PT老虎机将不胜感激. 

- Rebecca, Novato, CA

答: 你有职业治疗的背景, 我建议你和Jeanetta Burpee联系在Jeanetta Burpee研究所. 她和她的工作人员正在监督我校两个关键方面的整合, our 感觉集成 / 职业治疗 and the relationship based "Floortime" therapy based on the teachings of Stanley Greenspan. 你可以在PT老虎机的网站上找到Burpee网站和格林斯潘网站的链接, www.haiyangzhiyangji.com.

我支持你在这方面的努力. 这是一项重要而令人兴奋的工作, and a critical component of our three-pronged approach that incorporates the 联系方法 curriculum, 基于关系的(地板时间)治疗, 还有职业/感觉整合疗法. We believe true communication for an autistic or severely communication impaired child can only be achieved if you allow a child to practice continually the process of attaching affect and intent to behavior.


问:我的侄女两周前刚刚被诊断出患有轻度/重度自闭症. 她只有3岁. She is currently receiving OT and 语言治疗. What additional therapy options are there that she can benefit from? She currently lives outside of the Annapolis MD area. What local resources are available that she can take advant年龄 of in MD? Can we have the phone # of the Magnolia School in Berwyn? 谢谢你!.


答: 当孩子第一次被确诊时, it is important to make sure that he/she receives intensive services. 她应该由一个由经验丰富的儿科医生组成的团队来评估, 语言病理学家, 和职业治疗师.

幸运的是,你的侄女也在马里兰州贝塞斯达的斯坦利·格林斯潘研究所附近. Their organization offers training and consultation in the relationship based "floortime" approach we practice.

Many people begin with behavioral programs to teach compliance, attention and to teach the children how to learn. If she is high functioning and doesn't need this type of program, 即使她开始了行为训练, she should also receive intensive speech and langu年龄 therapy. PT老虎机还没有在PT老虎机的项目中开设一个3岁的班,但将来可能会. 您可以通过以下方式PT老虎机 www.haiyangzhiyangji.com 的更多信息.


问题: A friend of mine has a seven-year-old autistic son. 到目前为止,她一直试图在家教育他,但她的努力没有成功. The curriculum that you teach, is it available to the public?

Is it something you created from your experiences? 你是根据梅林达·科特勒从旧金山带回的研究成果创作的吗? There are some schools in the Los Angeles area that are available to my friend and her son but they don't have the financial resources to pursue that avenue. If I could find out how you obtained or developed your curriculum then I'm hoping we can use it as a foundation and go from there.


答: 木兰语言学校的课程不是你的朋友能独自完成的. Depending on the particular langu年龄 disorder of the child, it requires either a skilled 语言病理学家 or experienced special educator who has received extensive training and ongoing mentoring over several years before they are properly skilled and prepared to implement the program.

结社法的原则全天适用于所有学科. 为了使这种方法有效, it is critical that a severely langu年龄 disordered child be placed in a full day intensive 联系方法 program. 如果你的朋友认为有对她在洛杉矶的孩子有益的项目, 鼓励她寻求法律帮助.

她的孩子有权获得自由, 根据《PT老虎机平台》进行适当的公共教育. In Philadelphia, the Education Law Center provides information on parents' rights. 上网搜索一下在洛杉矶可以为你的朋友提供帮助的组织. You can also check with local law schools to get help.


问题:我的儿子, 克里斯多夫, 他5岁,只有“也许5个单词”,而且他甚至都不会用他仅有的几个单词. According to "professionals" he does not have Autism. 他什么都懂,用手势和美妙的表情来交流. 你能告诉我更多PT老虎机那些在学校里不是自闭症的孩子吗? He has had speech therapy since 年龄 2 years and he is enrolled in a full day special education kindergarten program. 这让我和我丈夫非常沮丧,因为似乎没有人知道出了什么问题. 克里斯托弗只是一个美丽快乐的小男孩,PT老虎机只是想给他最好的.

我期待着你的消息. 谢谢您的时间.
——莫林·科尔(Maureen Cole),北塞勒姆,纽约

答: Our program is for all children with severe communication disorders. PT老虎机有些孩子有失用症. This is a motor planning disorder that makes it difficult for children to produce sounds or to sequence sounds for intelligible speech. 协会的方法 is very effective for treating apraxia. Apraxia is a severe langu年龄 and communication disorder, 因此, 它需要一个全天密集的语音和语言程序,使语音和语言成为自动化. Marilyn Agin is a developmental pediatrician in NYC who specializes in apraxia. 她可能会把你介绍给你所在地区的人,为你做一个详细的演讲和语言评估. From your email, I am not sure what the speech therapist's diagnosis is. 如果真的是失用症, 两个很好的资源是失用症儿童列表服务和儿童sapraxiet列表服务.


问:对于两个半月大的婴儿PT老虎机能做些什么来进行早期干预呢. 他有一些患有自闭症的表亲. Baby seldom looks at us but seems to be looking past us. 有几次他的跟踪看起来还不错.


答: Some early autism diagnostic tests have been developed. 对你这么小的孩子来说就不合适了, 但你很聪明,会留意迹象, 特别是考虑到你在问题中提到的一些遗传倾向.

I always advise people to start the process with their family pediatrician. Due to the incredible escalation in the rate of autism, 医学界对父母的担忧已经变得更加敏感和敏感. I suggest you visit the Cure Autism Now Web site, www.cureautismnow.org, 的更多信息 regarding diagnosis and early detection.

如果你在网站上找不到信息,给他们发邮件,他们会告诉你如何找到. My only caution to you is that 2 1/2 months is very young, and although they are diagnosing children at increasingly younger 年龄s, I'm not aware of anyone making a diagnosis at this tender young 年龄.


问题: I would like to first commend you on the wonderful work you are doing both with the school and with sharing your experiences with others. 我有个两岁的孩子患有自闭症, and I would like to know how your family helps John in public situations.

当PT老虎机在餐馆、商店、公园时,PT老虎机有时会发现很难应付 & PT老虎机的儿子亚历克斯处理这种情况的方式,以及其他人对PT老虎机的反应. I would appreciate any advice you could give us.

Also, are there any similar schools in the Los Angeles area that you know of? 谢谢你! again for the incredible work you have done and have shared with us.

- Jayme Valencia, CA

回答: I will address the second part of your question first. I am not currently aware of any schools similar to ours in the Los Angeles area. 然而, Melinda Kotler and I are committed to establishing a strong regional educational and training center on the East Coast that could hopefully spawn similar programs throughout the country.

我理解并理解你在公共场合所经历的挑战,并且知道它有多么苛刻, 尴尬的, 让人沮丧的是这些时刻. 首先,我给你的建议是,面对日常生活的挑战,不要退缩. 你的家庭需要继续存在,亚历克斯需要被介绍给许多不同的经历, 学习环境和情境, 过渡, 调整和发展熟悉度.

行为疗法也可以帮助你的儿子理解你对他在公共场合的期望. If you have therapists currently working with your son, you can have them incorporate outings to various locations in your community to familiarize Alex with people, 的地方, 以及他当地社区的事情.

It's also a great idea to use visual schedules because so many of our children are visually oriented and the visual picture schedule gives the child an idea of what to expect and helps with 过渡s from one place to another. 不可避免地, 公众爆发或场景会发生,旁观者通常不会理解你独特的情况.

You will learn to formulate contingency plans in the event of such occurrences and it always helps to have an extra pair of hands whether its a spouse, 家庭成员, 友好的帮助, 或治疗师. 我已经学会不让无知、麻木不仁的人的目光或评论困扰我. I find that most people are very helpful and understanding.

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