Talk School is a premier provider of occupational therapeutic services.

Occupational therapy sessions focus on providing intervention based in sensory integration, motor learning/motor development, and social relational approaches.

Sensory Integration Approach
Many children with special needs have difficulties with sensory processing. Life can be overwhelming and confusing for these individuals. Sensory experiences, including touch, movement, sight and sound form the foundation for an individual to accept sensory input and respond in the environment without becoming defensive, seeking additional sensory input, or needing to withdraw. Sensory integration is the process of the brain organizing and interpreting multi sensory input which enables an individual to attend, focus and learn.

A Relational Approach
Difficulties interacting within social situations often accompany deficits in sensory processing and communication. Talk School's occupational therapists address the emotional/relational difficulties using a relationship based approach based on DIR principles(Developmental individual differences, Relationship based model), developed by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Weider. 

Motor Learning/Motor Development
At Talk School, assessment using a motor learning/motor development model provides a developmental progression for learning motor skills. Intervention specific to the child's needs is provided to remediate the underlying deficits and promote successful motor performance. These include activities that support strength and coordination of the core muscles (abdomen and back), shoulders, arms, legs, hands and fingers. Specific intervention is provided to develop visual motor skills (coordination of the eye muscles so that both eyes move together), fine motor control, and eye-hand coordination so that the eyes and hands move and work together. This is important for writing skills such as copying from the board and reading words across a page. It is our goal to provide intervention that supports a fully functional body which responds and moves as the child directs it. 


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